Saturday, July 26, 2008


The sex police are out and screaming their heads off about John Edwards and his supposed infidelity with Rielle Hunter, who is reportedly the mother of his love child.
This story has too many factual details to be untrue, but, let's face it, Edwards is a hunk, a man, a politician, wealthy, and often on the road alone. Is anyone surprised? I really do think it's time to stop dwelling on everyone's sexuality. Those who say "if a man will lie to his wife about an affair, he'll lie about anything" must be living on a different planet. There aren't very many men who tell their wives the truth about their infidelity, and the statistics on infidelity are soaring. So...if we want men in public office who will tell truth when they are unfaithful, or men who are never unfaithful, we are going to have to resort to women in charge because you just aren't going to find men who meet that standard unless they're comatose. Speaking of comatose...was that the problem with Jimmy Carter, and now George W. Bush, both of whom appear to have been faithful to their wives but lied like hell about all the important things.

And just wait--we might hear more from Larry Sinclair and the boys who have enjoyed the pleasure of Obama or will they all wind up dead? Three young men, including one of the gay men in Obama's church died mysteriously. I know I'm going to get flack on this one, not on Edwards because he has never represented himself to be the Messiah, but Obama--pure as the driven snow. Oh sure. Puleez!
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