Thursday, March 26, 2009


When Obama managed to put $1.5 billion dollars in the stimulus bill for ACORN, he was insuring that his thugs will have buses and wages to continue his campaign, as they did during the brutal caucuses against Hillary. Now, we are faced with these people who don't work and have the time to climb on buses to travel the country and intimidate anyone who dares to disagree with the Messiah. Is this Democracy? I suppose it is for those who voted for the Obamanation. After all, we are always supporting free elections in countries that coddle murderous dictators. So now we have Hamas in power in Gaza, Hezbollah on the rise, and Obama's Storm Troopers doing the job for him right here in America. Look at the people threatening ordinary AIG employees and family members. That's a forecast of what's to come for anyone who speaks out against Obama and his move to socialist/fascism. He's going to bankrupt this country and destroy our defense capability, tax the enterpreneurs and confiscate the property of those who have worked hard and obeyed the rules. His Congressional minions are conspiring to achieve his goals in complete disregard of our U.S. Constitution. This is what happened in Zimbabwe and in South Africa. Now, we have Obama to take us in the same direction. Wow! What we have come to!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Welfare is coming back larger than ever. Clinton cut welfare rolls and by doing so, people were motivated to work. Millions went off the dole and into the work force. A lifetime limit of five years on the dole was set for family benefits. That is all about to change.

The stimulus bill just signed by Obama is going to reward states to increase their welfare case load far more than it ever was under AFDC. The overall cost for the next 10 years is estimated to reach $1.34 trillion.

Big question: Why do this now when it will hurt our recovery?

Obama was elected by the efforts of ACORN, the Unions and the mainstream media. Hillary's supporters were shouted and shoved out of the way at caucuses by both ACORN and Union organizers.

The unions have never liked workfare, and they fought against it when Clinton promoted it. Why? Because the presence of all these additional workers reduced the wages of union workers flooding the work force with too many people willing to work as non-union workers. So now it didn't require a union worker to screw in a bulb and then wait for the other union worker to turn on the switch.

Well, guess what, folks?

Obama, the great Messiah and role model for his people is ready to reward them again for what they did to get him elected--give them welfare checks to sit on their duffs. Here come the welfare queens sitting around and making more and more babies out of wedlock to increase their checks. What havoc this will wreak on our country with all the other problems he's compounding.

Friday, March 13, 2009


Over the period of my blog, I have had many queries about estrangements that are real and painful, almost always with a previously close family member. There are a variety of reasons for these sad rifts--a messy divorce, an in-law problem, an interracial marriage, religious differences, a family business that failed, inheritance issues, or an announcement that a family member is gay. Whatever the reason for the breakdown of a once loving relationship, time is an essential component to the very definition of the word estrangement. I wrote a book to help people find a road map toward reconciliation. If you are having this problem, it would be a benefit to you and all the member of your family to resolve the dispute. You may think you've tried everything, but chances are there are some different paths to take that you haven't tried. This book can be your answer. FAMILY ESTRANGEMENTS was "highly recommended" by Library Journal. If you can't find FAMILY ESTRANGEMENTS in your library, you can usually find it at your favorite bookstore. Order it there or on Amazon. Life really is too short to waste it on grudges.

Saturday, March 7, 2009


We are on a precipice in the world of finance because there will certainly be a changing paradigm. The direction we take can decide whether we will remain a world power. I fear Obama could send us off a cliff. A nation’s financial system is the key to its prosperity. The better capitalized and developed the financial industry, the greater the strength of the country. As the Pulitzer Prize winner, Daniel Yergin put it “The era of easy globalization is over. The power of the state is reasserting itself.”

The U.S. may become a relatively slow-growing economy like Europe and Japan with aggressively regulated financial systems. This could seriously curtail financing entrepreneurial risk and growth. China and India, on the other hand will use free-wheeling offshore global hedge firms, private equity firms, and other investment vehicles to help fuel huge expansion and control throughout the rest of the world. As a result, the current power shift in manufacturing away from the West to Asia could very well lead to Pacific Rim financial dominance over the West in a very short time. WE DON’T WANT TO HAVE AMERICAN COMPANIES FORCED TO RELY LARGELY ON EUROPEAN, JAPANESE AND CHINESE BANKS FOR FINANCING. If we do that, our financial services industry will most assuredly go the way of the U.S. auto industry.

To avoid this result we need a team of financial policy gurus from both the public and the private sectors. I mean really smart people without a political agenda. Of course, they will require political backing, so it would be wise to tap some of the smart and savvy leaders in Congress, and there are a few.

Believe it or not, even some Democrats have the know how to be in this brain trust. Chuck Schumer is smart enough. On the other side of the aisle, Richard Shelby comes to mind. And we’ll have to do what our law enforcement does, work with some of the bad guys to get the rest of the bad guys. In this brain trust, we'll have to include some of the people tarnished by this downturn because they understand the financial world. They understood it well enough to make themselves rich at the expense of our country and the global financial world. Yes, the inmates will have to run the Asylum for a while, but we need to pick the ones who are cured of their malady and about to be released. Some of the names that come to mind are Robert Rubin, John Corzine, and Larry Summers, providing Summers would not be a puppet for the socialist regime we now have in power. Lots of others are out there.

I know I have no standing to speak except that I am self taught, a lawyer, and I have a sincere desire to see our country remain on top.

Friday, March 6, 2009


Today the financial world is a very dangerous place and our leaders need to take the blinders off.

We do have a major financial crisis. So many are blamed--Democrats, who insisted on banks lending money to high risk borrowers, inept bank regulators, credit rating agencies, and the Federal Reserve's monetary policy (too low interest rates). But those who were most at fault are the bankers and investment bankers themselves. Out of sheer greed, they concocted an elaborate, legal, but risky scheme to obscure risk that is tanking the world economy. Our world needs financial globalization. If it fails, the large financial institutions and their regulators will have to bear a large part of the blame.

Why are they the cause? Why isn't it a result of the sub prime loans and the housing bubble that burst? Here's the story: Traditionally, a bank would lend a buyer the funds to purchase a home and then hold that mortgage for the duration of the loan. During the life of the loan, the bank was responsible for the risk of the mortgage. In this new economy, banks resorted to a different system to come to terms with risk. The bank collected all its loans into a single pool and divided the collected sum into separate pieces called interest income streams. In other words, the banks securitized the loans, selling off the repackaged individual income streams (now called mortgage-backed securities) to the global market. The banks also encouraged their independent, off-balance-sheet vehicles to buy these mortgage-backed securities, some of which held pieces of mortgages that were rated subprime. The large financial institutions made huge fees selling these bundles to their own independent investment vehicles.

Then things got really complicated. The independent off-balance-sheet vehicles, using the just purchased bundles as collateral, went to the global credit markets and borrowed money by issuing commercial paper. Traditionally, commercial paper was a highly safe form of debt investment, widely used as one of the safe backbones of money market funds. The burst of the housing bubble set this course into a downward spiral. Financial stocks collapsed. The bankers faced no risk once they had sold the bundles to the off-the-book vehicles. They did it--risk free risk with enormous profits. The regulators and the rating agencies were so lax. They never asked to look at the whole picture. Never looked at all the sub prime exposure, thinking it was tied to real estate so the debt was securitized. What they failed to understand was the real estate was a bubble about to burst because the value of the real estate had dipped below the amount of the mortgages. They thought real estate prices always went up, but that was their stupid mistake. And now we're all losing because of it.

To understand this, think of inflated grades in our schools--consistently giving inflated grades so we never really know the true aptitude and ability of the students. Same with the bundling of the mortgages and the clever risk avoidance.

When will we ever learn??? Obama is not the answer. He is into a redistribution of the wealth and class warfare. Let's hope he's a one-term president replaced by someone who wants America to once again be the shining city on the hill. We must stop allowing the left wing media to select our leaders by destroying competitors to their politically correct choice. Obama has a toxic agenda for our country.
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