Friday, March 13, 2009


Over the period of my blog, I have had many queries about estrangements that are real and painful, almost always with a previously close family member. There are a variety of reasons for these sad rifts--a messy divorce, an in-law problem, an interracial marriage, religious differences, a family business that failed, inheritance issues, or an announcement that a family member is gay. Whatever the reason for the breakdown of a once loving relationship, time is an essential component to the very definition of the word estrangement. I wrote a book to help people find a road map toward reconciliation. If you are having this problem, it would be a benefit to you and all the member of your family to resolve the dispute. You may think you've tried everything, but chances are there are some different paths to take that you haven't tried. This book can be your answer. FAMILY ESTRANGEMENTS was "highly recommended" by Library Journal. If you can't find FAMILY ESTRANGEMENTS in your library, you can usually find it at your favorite bookstore. Order it there or on Amazon. Life really is too short to waste it on grudges.

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