Monday, September 8, 2008


Those of us who are fearful of Obama don't want to become fearful of you, but learning of your extreme religious right views are making us wary. You may have chosen to have a fifth child with Down's Syndrome, but many women don't want to shoulder that burden. If they want to abort, will you impose your views and stand in their way?

We have no rights as women if we can't control our bodies. If you try to ban abortion, you are depriving us of those rights. What woman wants to bear a child that is a product of rape or incest? Frankly, there aren't many. If you pursue your rigid stance and try to impose it on American women, they will grow to despise you.

Stem cell research with embryonic cells must go forth. Don't stand it its way.

Birth control and sex education is essential in our society to prevent unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. Please be open to this. Abstinence and no sex education doesn't work. Need we remind you of the situation in your own family. Don't stand in the way of enlightenment.

If you deny women the right to abortions, we will have a nation that will be overrun by unwanted children. Many, if not most, will come from poor minority families. How will that help to make our country strong?

We are a country of many views, many religions, many cultures. We can't tolerate a bias that deprives people of their freedoms--religion or none at all is a big one.

My advice for you from those of us who want to support the McCain/Palin ticket: Keep your religion personal and don't make it a mainstay of your candidacy.
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