Monday, September 8, 2008


Those of us who are fearful of Obama don't want to become fearful of you, but learning of your extreme religious right views are making us wary. You may have chosen to have a fifth child with Down's Syndrome, but many women don't want to shoulder that burden. If they want to abort, will you impose your views and stand in their way?

We have no rights as women if we can't control our bodies. If you try to ban abortion, you are depriving us of those rights. What woman wants to bear a child that is a product of rape or incest? Frankly, there aren't many. If you pursue your rigid stance and try to impose it on American women, they will grow to despise you.

Stem cell research with embryonic cells must go forth. Don't stand it its way.

Birth control and sex education is essential in our society to prevent unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. Please be open to this. Abstinence and no sex education doesn't work. Need we remind you of the situation in your own family. Don't stand in the way of enlightenment.

If you deny women the right to abortions, we will have a nation that will be overrun by unwanted children. Many, if not most, will come from poor minority families. How will that help to make our country strong?

We are a country of many views, many religions, many cultures. We can't tolerate a bias that deprives people of their freedoms--religion or none at all is a big one.

My advice for you from those of us who want to support the McCain/Palin ticket: Keep your religion personal and don't make it a mainstay of your candidacy.


Ana Baptist said...

"Stem cell research with embryonic cells must go forth. Don't stand it its way."

Stem cells from adults, placenta, fat tissue and other non-embryonic sources have already proven effective.

"If you deny women the right to abortions, we will have a nation that will be overrun by unwanted children."

We weren't overrun by unwanted children before abortion was legalized. Unplanned/out of wedlock pregnancies have skyrocked since Roe V. Wade. Of course, the welfare state shares blame in subsidizing the exiling of fathers from the home

"Many, if not most, will come from poor minority families. How will that help to make our country strong?"

How very white racist of you. My father grew up in a poor black neighborhood in the 1950s and 60s. Nobody on his street locked the doors to their houses; there was no need to. Despite the disadvantages and racism he experienced, black on black crime was not an issue, and most of his peers had fathers in the home.

Barbara LeBey said...

I am weary of all charges of racism against every white person who says anything that pertains to minorities if it doesn't jibe with the view of the person who is a member of the black community. It's overkill and it doesn't apply to what I have written. A nation of unwanted children is not in anyone's best interest. If Roe is overturned, the matter will go back to the states, and it will cost money for a woman to travel to a state that permits abortion. Poor people can least afford to travel somewhere and stay there overnight after having an abortion. Poor minority women (not just black women) are more affected than others because they are the ones who are least likely to use protection to keep from becoming pregnant. The statistics bear this out. It has nothing to do with racism. Your unwarranted charge of racism is not welcome.

Linus Dalton Cowan said...

you can't be pro-choice, and for women's rights, and be fearful of Obama. You statements are bi-polar if not down right conflicting. The McCain/Palin ticket is the road to nowhere and your views are not only conflicting, but biased and unrealistic. Your'e really not so hot and trendy as you may think, the future is with the people who
"think" and care about others, not themselves. McSame and Pathetic are not our best hope, they are our worst nightmare!

Barbara LeBey said...

To Linus Cowan:
I completely distrust Obama's motives. His close associations with Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers, Tony Rezko, Father Pfleger, Frank Marshall Davis and Saul Alinsky cause me to wonder what his hidden agenda is. I am putting the security of my country over a woman's right to choose, because our freedom as nation has to come first. Obama is an empty suit with a glib tongue and a socialist and black liberation ideology. He also stated in his second book that he will "favor Muslims." Obama is an enormous danger to our country and our way of life.

Princess said...

My humans are voting for Maverick~Barracuda

Obomination is a frightening prospect

Barbara LeBey said...

Thanks for the catnip, Princess. Agreed. I like that: Maverick/Barracuda. It's a tight race. Get all your human friends on board.

Logical said...

Barbara do you honestly think that your advise to Sarah Palin will be heeded? Can you honestly bring yourself to vote for such a ticket because of the irrational bitterness you have towards the Democratic nominee for president? A nominee whose policy platform is a splitting image of the one the losing Democratic candidate you supported also promoted? I noticed a lot of older women write to you regarding advise on how to date younger men. Have you thought about the increased cost of Health care under a McCain administration for yourself and these other women? Are you aware that John McCain has a 20% rating with Veterans? Have you heard of the G.I Bill for Veterans and that McCain opposed it? Please think with your head.

Logical said...

I just don't understand the reasoning behind comments from individuals like "princess" who say "the obomination is a frightening prospect" when John McCain openly talked about the extinction of North Korea and sang "bomb bomb bomb Iran" to the tune of Barbara Ann by the Beach Boys on a campaign stop. Barbara you said we had eight years of peace under Bill Clinton so do you really expect peace under a McCain administration with comments like that? John McCain has openly admitted that he knows little about Economics so considering the current plight of our Economy how could you fathom voting for him? It just makes no sense.

Barbara LeBey said...

To "Logical"

Very candidly, I was an ardent Hillary supporter, a lifelong Democrat, but I cannot put my country's survival in the hands of a man who clearly states, "I will favor Muslims...", and one who has remained in a church for more than 20 years listening to the hateful sermons of Jeremiah Wright, who has close friendships with a terrorist, Bill Ayers, a convicted felon, Tony Rezko, and a hatemongering priest, Father Pfleger.

My mother said you can't know what is in a person's mind or heart, but you can have a very good idea of who that person is by the people he or she associates with. I read both of Obama's books, and I have closely followed his slim record of achievement. He is a dangerous imposter who is following Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radical Revolutionaries. On my next post, I will include them. Think carefully about this man who has done a spectacular job of deceiving us with the aid of a naive media who can't do the necessary research. This is a great failure of our current press. They don't deserve "freedom of the press" because they are not fully informing the electorate, which is, after all, the reason the founders gave them that freedom.

The Democratic party has been hijacked by a radical left wing element--Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Howard Dean, and Donna Brazile. They engineered Hillary's defeat and the unfairly won nomination of Obama. To me, he is a disaster waiting to happen to our great country, with the help of ACORN, the people who are most responsible for voter fraud.

Logical said...

Barbara you did not answer a single question about John McCain and the danger that his administration's policies pose to this country's future. All you have done is repeat allegations filled with Propaganda against Obama. That is truly sad.

Regarding Obama's "I favor Muslims" quote from his book, would you mind including the full context of the quote so the readers of your blog can see the full extent of your misleading cherry picking? Its quite laughable. There is no way you read both Obama's book and yet all you can come up with is that misleading quote. How can you claim to be a well read Author of publshed books yet you can't even differentiate between a muslim and an Islamic extremist? So if a 51 yr old woman wrote to you seeking advise on how to date a 30 yr old man and she happened to be Muslim, would you deny her the advise because of her faith? Barbara what kind of lens do you use to view other religions?

How convenient of you to use your mother's advise on people's associations when it comes to Obama but you ignore John McCain's associations with Pastors John Hagee and Rod Parsley. Pastor John Haglee has openly called The Roman Catholic Church "The Great Whore", a "false cult system", and "the apostate church". In his book "Jerusalem Countdown", Hagee writes that history proves Adolf Hitler and the Catholic Church were linked "in a conspiracy to exterminate the Jews." He also publicly said Hurricane Katrina was God's punishment for the homosexual sins of New Orleans residents.

In Pastor Pastor Rod Parsley's book "Silent No More," he writes that America was called upon to destroy Islam.

Barbara is your unfounded bitterness towards Obama's legitimate candidacy that bad that you choose to ignore these things? Is it really?

odocoileus said...

Sarah Palin is an explicitly anti choice politician. Anti choice is the bedrock of her political identity. She reaffirms her anti choice position in her campaign literature, on her website, and at all of her major campaign events. Her anti choice position is a big part of the reason why she was nominated in the first place.

Are you just not bright enough to understand that no explicitly anti choice Republican will suddenly change and become pro choice, especially when being anti choice is the basis of her politics?

You've also made an ignorant claim about Obama and his relationship to Saul Alinsky.

Hilary Clinton was also a student of Alinsky. As logical pointed out, Clinton wrote her thesis on Alinsky. If you condemn Obama for studying Alisnky, you have to condemn Hilary for doing the same. Are you too dense to see the contradiction?

I'm really beginning wonder how you managed to get through law school, or become a published author. Was it just a question of batting your eyes at the right admissions officer or editor? Were you related to, or have relationships with powerful men who could sneak you in the door?

I ask because you just don't come off as very bright here. Maybe you're just losing your faculties in old age.

Barbara LeBey said...

To odocoileus:

You are unnecessarily insulting, nasty and unpersuasive. I would guess you're a black male. Now call me racist--the last refuge of a losing argument.

odocoileus said...

So you're okay with being called ignorant, then?

Barbara LeBey said...

When you call me names, it just reflects on who you are, a person with no class or civility. I consider the source.

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