Saturday, July 26, 2008


The sex police are out and screaming their heads off about John Edwards and his supposed infidelity with Rielle Hunter, who is reportedly the mother of his love child.
This story has too many factual details to be untrue, but, let's face it, Edwards is a hunk, a man, a politician, wealthy, and often on the road alone. Is anyone surprised? I really do think it's time to stop dwelling on everyone's sexuality. Those who say "if a man will lie to his wife about an affair, he'll lie about anything" must be living on a different planet. There aren't very many men who tell their wives the truth about their infidelity, and the statistics on infidelity are soaring. So...if we want men in public office who will tell truth when they are unfaithful, or men who are never unfaithful, we are going to have to resort to women in charge because you just aren't going to find men who meet that standard unless they're comatose. Speaking of comatose...was that the problem with Jimmy Carter, and now George W. Bush, both of whom appear to have been faithful to their wives but lied like hell about all the important things.

And just wait--we might hear more from Larry Sinclair and the boys who have enjoyed the pleasure of Obama or will they all wind up dead? Three young men, including one of the gay men in Obama's church died mysteriously. I know I'm going to get flack on this one, not on Edwards because he has never represented himself to be the Messiah, but Obama--pure as the driven snow. Oh sure. Puleez!


Pete said...

Is John Edward's private life that important ? Is this story a Republican Smear Campaign ? Politics and the media are are just brutal. Amazingly, as things were going so well for Barack Obama, all of a sudden this story hits the wire. Conspiracy or Fact ?

Diogenes said...

I believe that John McCain engages in carnal knowledge of sheep.

What's that? What evidence f=do I have?

Oh.... well.....

I didn't know you needed evidence of any kind. You can just say whatever you believe, whether it's true or not, right?

Diogenes said...

Oh, and by the way. Men cannot be faithful, but women can (and, presumably, will)? You realize that's as sexist as anything said or done to your St. Hillary?

If the only men you know that meet that standard of fidelity are "comatose" then you need to get out more with a higher quality of companion.

Joe said...

Wow, whatever you read that might just question Obama & co., you get this raw sensitivity from his lovers.
The first few words of this article: "The sex police are out and screaming their heads off about John Edwards and his supposed infidelity". Note the words "sex Police" and "supposed".

Barbara LeBey said...

For all of you Obama worshippers, grow up. You're acting like a bunch of teeny boppers at a rock concert. This guy is a experience and no judgment: 144 days in the U.S. Senate and 20 years listening to Jeremiah, his pastor, his beloved "uncle, and spiritual advisor damning America, whites and Jews. You call that presidential material? What are you on?

Diogenes said...

Oh, I'm sorry, Cougar, I thought you were trashing John Edwards in this thread, not Barack Obama.

But now that we know what your true intention was, it makes sense:

Character assassination by proxy.

You try to assassinate Obama's character with Jeremiah Wright, with Louis Farrakhan, with Michael Pfleger, and now with... John Edwards?

Problem is there are precious few details about Edwards' situation out there to analyze. It's irresponsible to make snap judgments like "this story has too many factual details to be untrue." Really? I hope you're right for your sake, because if you're wrong, you ought to feel about as low as you can get, trashing a guy like this AND trashing him with his wife's condition.

The Larry Sinclair stuff? I totally ignored it. Larry Sinclair has been shown, over and over again, to be full of crap. He's right down there with Andy Martin as far as credibility goes. So if you're putting stock in THAT kind of source.. well.... it says something about your criticial thinking skills.

As I've suggested in the past, I think you would be much better served if you just stuck with advice to lovelorn cougars. You're likely not much better at that than you are politicial commentary, but it will keep you from revealing your ignorance to a broader spectrum of people.

Barbara LeBey said...

Diogenes, I have lost patience with you. You're an Obama nut who can't stop defending him no matter what he has done. Personally attacking me shows how weak you are as a man.

Diogenes said...

Ouch. Sorry, if the dunce cap fits, wear it, I'm afraid.

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