Monday, November 24, 2008



Over the years, Hillary has generated extraordinary antagonism, far beyond anything that could be explained by Whitewater or healthcare or being married to Bill. Now that Obama has picked her to be his Secretary of State, she is acquiring a new and admiring status from the media that has always tried to destroy her. At first, I found this about-face puzzling until I realized that she has just been anointed by The One. How can the media continue to vilify her without discrediting their Messiah, the rock star for which there was over-the-top unctuous fawning? They can’t. So, at long last, Hillary will have the coverage she deserves for her brilliance and her hard work instead of the mean-spirited knife wounds inflicted by the likes of churlish Dick Morris, slobbering Chris Matthews, silly Peggy Noonan, overrated Mica Brezinski, poisonous Maureen Dowd, and hare-brained Sally Quinn, not to mention the relentless onslaught by the mainstream media en masse.

Most curious is the glorification of Michelle Obama who has a history javascript:void(0)of espousing black liberation theology. There is only one explanation: she’s black and she’s married to The One. If Hillary were black, she too would have received the favorable press Michelle Obama received. No one could criticize Michelle Obama—it was viewed as sacrilege. Whereas, anyone has been able to criticize Hillary for no damn good reason and get away with it. She’s been taking a beating for all the years she’s been in the limelight going back to her days in Arkansas. Personally, I think there is great jealousy on the part of many and a resentment of a powerful woman with a good brain in her head.

Just think back to the debates with Barack Obama. Hillary was often the first one questioned on any given topic. She was comprehensive in her answers, always well-informed and well-spoken. Barack would smile, look thoughtful and say, “I agree with Hillary.” Next day the media would award Barack the honor of winning the debate. Well, being black, a great stump orator, and having a graceful manner helped to burnish his image. Those attributes, a swooning media, and white guilt carried him to the Presidency. He is eloquent and bright, but Hillary was that too, plus having the right experience. Had she been able to bring bus loads of thugs to the caucuses and willing to fight the delegate thievery, she would be the nominee. As we all know, yesterday is ancient history in the realm of politics, so now we must go forward. I am hopeful that our new President will be a great leader and steer us out of the mess that has been created by the likes of Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, George W. Bush, and the Wall Street robber barons. He has started out on the right foot by appointing a brilliant economic team and the best person to be Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.


david said...

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Anonymous said...

I can only view this as an outsider, but the American political process likes a pretty face.

Please do not get me wrong, but Hillary had a lot of baggage, mainly from those on the right, that demonized her, in terrible ways. I have no problem with free speech, but when you completely dehumanize a person, in your vain quest for a political point I have a problem with it.

As a result, Hillary stood no chance. She could have brought back the Ten Commandments and they would still have hated her. I have never had the misfortune to see so many issues become about the person, rather than have a genuine discussion about how to move this country forward.

The same is true for Sarah Palin. Those that complained about the sexism towards Hillary, were the same that called Sarah Palin all kinds of names.

I begin to wonder, whether women are allowed an opinion, or does it all come down to whether they are worth "banging" or not and if so then that is why you should vote for them.

I thought we had progressed from objectifying women, to treating them as their own person, with their own opinions and thoughts and treating them with the respect that goes with it. I probably do not agree with Sarah Palin on many issues, but I would still give her the courtesy to listen, rather than just go on about how she looks.

I really do hope that Hillary through her actions, will really stick it to those that have given her such a hard time over the years, as they have earned my rank contempt.

Barbara LeBey said...

Andrew, good points. I also wish Hillary could retaliate for the hateful sexist comments about her, but she must now rise above it, and she will. She is too smart, too dignified to do otherwise.

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