Saturday, September 5, 2009


The American people are weary of this man in the White House and all the lies and distortions that flow from his silken tongue. We are moving toward a mini revolution because of the abuse coming from the WH and the leftists who are controlling everything, Pelosi, Reid, Barney Frank, Chris Dodd and the like.

The American people do want health care reform but not a government takeover shoved down the throats of thinking people who are actually looking at the details of the bill that was put forth by the House.

We are not going to have our rights trampled on, the right to choose and the right to privacy. Both are guaranteed under our great Constitution. Unfortunately, appointing czars to run our government in order to bypass FBI clearance and Senate confirmation is the sign of a dictator, a widespread practice of repressive regimes.

Is that what we have become under Obama?

This is the health care reform Americans want:

Tort Reform: either put a cap on medical malpractice jury verdicts, or make the loser pay court costs and attorney’s fees to stop frivolous law suits, or have these cases decided by Administrative Judges who specialize in this complex area of the law.

Have interstate competition for health care insurance so that people can get a better price. Right now the insurers are able to charge anything they want. The states are responsible for this.

Pharmaceutical companies should not be exempt from anti-trust laws. Right now Americans are paying more for our drugs than anywhere else in the world because pharmaceutical companies sell their products for less elsewhere and overcharge us to pay for all their advertising and (they say for research and development.)

Make health insurance portable so that when someone moves to another job or another state they can take their insurance with them.

Make it a law, no insurers can deny coverage for anyone with pre-existing condition.
Give a tax credit to employers who give medical insurance coverage for their employees.

On the matter of illegals, eliminate welfare benefits and Medicaid to them. Also fence our border with Mexico and deport illegal aliens especially those who are committing crimes. And make it a crime to hire an illegal alien. They’ll leave on their own steam if they can’t get a job so they can send their money home to Mexico while crowding our emergency rooms and our jails.

If the knuckleheads in Congress and the Senate can do this, a vast majority of the American people will cheer, and the legislators can retain what they have--their power.

It’s a win/win.


tanarg said... could use a couple of high doses of you.

Barbara LeBey said...

Tanarg, I'm curious about your comment. Please elaborate.

tanarg said...

It's a den of rabid liberals. They refuse to face the truth about Obama. I'm Patricia over there. Why? I went there for truth about the birth certificate thing. There are a number of lawyers on that forum, and they straightened me out on the legal issues involved with the nutcase lawyers who have been filing lawsuits against Obama. I understand now that legally, Congress is the only place that could have looked into his eligibility. At least I think that's the bottom line.

But on other things, they think anyone who suggests Obama is a marxist is nuts. They laugh off all his associations (that we heard about last year), all his supposed writings, etc.

They are rabid libs. I am about to leave there because all I get is abuse (g) and I refuse to continue to spoon-feed them and to regurgitate facts that are easily found online about Obama's past.

I'm selfish. I'd like to leave and I'd like there to be others to take my place.

I post on, too, and I saw one of your posts. There I am Toni LaSalle.

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