Friday, October 9, 2009


Obama never has to worry about success or failure--he travels on race and rhetoric.

He is the hope and change for Muslims and Europeans. The Muslims want to spread their dark age ideology all over the globe. Europe is overrun with them. They now want to take over our country. Obama will facilitate their takeover and has already signed an executive order to finance the migration of Hamas and other Muslims to this country with HB 1388.

Europe has an ideology of redistributing the wealth from those who work and create to the indolent who live on the dole. Europe can't even finance a military to defend itself. Now Obama comes along and wants to do the same thing here. So, of course he wins the Nobel Peace Prize. We know it's a joke. After all, didn't our worst president win it--Carter. And now the man who will give Carter a reprieve from being the worst to the next to worst president comes along and wins the prize.

What a tragedy for our country that we have to endure Obama, this man of destruction who is actually the best friend the Muslims ever had. I fear for the survival of Israel.

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