Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Finally received the cover of my new e-Book. Here's a picture of it:

HE'S NOT TOO YOUNG FOR YOU is a novel, a romantic comedy about three women in their forties, two divorced and one widowed who meet at Single Again, a women's support group. They open a Pandora's box when they decide younger men are more available and have less baggage, or so they think. When all three discover that age appropriate men are either taken, gay, interested in much younger women, freaky, or boring to death, they explore their options on an Internet dating site. Sheridan, a recent widow, had celibate marriage for years, and though longing to find love again, she finds herself almost inept at making love, but an OB/GYN assures her all she needs is "a tune-up and a lube job." When she falls in love with a young lawyer and becomes pregnant, she must decide whether to marry and have their baby or terminate the pregnancy. Patti, endearing and whacky, battles her philandering ex-husband for custody of their daughter. Thrice divorced Meg, snarky and beautiful, learns to overcome the secret of her past. With laughter, some heartbreak, and a full awakening, they confront the unwelcome reality of our sexualized culture and the mistakes they made trying to be better wives and mothers. For the next stage of their lives, these friends offer to each other real support, skills women are good at and men have yet to fathom. They also learn that at a certain point inlife, age is just a number and there actually are some great guys out there of all ages. But they just don't fall off trees.

This e-Book will be available on or about December 20, 2012. You can order it from Amazon, I-Tunes, Barnes & Noble or through Sony E-Reader.

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