Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Men Love a Challenge

Though younger men say they like older women because they don't play games, their attraction will wane if you're too available. When he starts expecting you to jump at every opportunity to see him, you're removing the challenge. Let him put forth some effort.

Regardless of the reason, don't be a late night date, after he's been elsewhere, and maybe with someone else. And don't make excuses for him--that guys don't plan ahead. If they want to see you badly enough, they make plans. Forget when they tell you they don't like women who play games. They really do, as long as the game is a challenge and you're not being bitchy.

Fast forward now. You've become intimate. If after sex, he starts a habit of rolling over and falling asleep, or he jumps up, throws his clothes on and leaves without so much as a cuddle, you need to change the dynamic. Do what guys do. Let him chill. After you've made love, get up and walk out to the kitchen, put popcorn in the microwave, then grab the bag and plop yourself in front of the TV while you munch away on the fresh popcorn. He'll be out there in a couple of minutes wondering what happened. Don't whine. Just say, you still felt perky and didn't want to go to sleep. Do that a few times, and he'll get the message. When you stop chasing him, he'll chase you. Better for you that he's the chaser.

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