Monday, March 3, 2008


No one likes getting dumped, but it happens to most people at some point in their lives. The question is: How do you recover from the rejection? Some people will withdraw after a painful breakup and become very self-protective, wary of another hurt. Understandable--the loss of love is devastating. That's fine for a time, but not if it keeps you from putting yourself out there and trying again. Even if you feel you could never love like that another time, you need to try. It's nonsense to think that there's just one perfect person for you. Maybe there's just one perfect person in your circle of the people you know. But think of all the people you don't know, and any one of them might be even more suitable than the one who disappointed you. You need to circulate, put yourself in situations where you'll meet lots of new people. I remind you of the vast array of people you can meet through online dating sites. You can love again. Being able to love requires trusting your emotions. Imagine love to be possible for you, that is if you're willing to be vulnerable again. People recover all the time. Wounds heal. And the best medicine for a damaged heart is to open yourself up to a new and special person. He or she is out there.

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