Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Though I thought Sarah Palin was a breath of fresh air, I was always distressed by her rigid view on the matter of reproductive rights. Today, our media has sexualized everything. That's what our kids are seeing. Inevitably, this leads to sexual activity at younger and younger ages, and the consequences are alarming--huge increase in both STDs and teen pregnancy. The right wing fanatics who advocate abstinence are delusional. Their firm stand against both birth control and abortion is further proof of their detachment from reality.

Sex and pornography is one of the nation's most profitable businesses, and it's all over the Internet. If you don't think our kids are seeing it, then you can join with the delusional right wing. What to do about it? Great question. Maybe the Obama Messiah team can figure it out. They seem to have answers for everything. But most assuredly, denying birth control, abortion and realistic sex education to young people plus forcing them to have these babies is definitely not the answer. I hope this pro-life movement continues to wane. It's one of our nation's greatest mistakes, and it will prove to be the demise of the Republican Party if they persist in promoting it.

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