Friday, January 30, 2009


Is anyone getting as fed up as I am with the media's worship of this self-proclaimed savior who's done nothing yet to warrant this fawning? Recall how the anti-war screamers used to carry on like banshees every time George Bush attacked anywhere and civilians were killed. Where are those screamers? Obama had successful air strike attacks over Pakistan and destroyed several suspected terrorists as well as some of the "innocent civilians." Not a word from the media nor from the anti-war critics about the collateral damage. Not that I want him to be criticized for these attacks, but I say this only to point out the duplicity of the media. I want a President to kill our enemies who want to kill us, but when Bush did it, the nuts screamed loudly, ignoring that he was trying to protect us and so he did--at least we haven't been attacked since 9/11. And I am no Bush fan, but let's give credit where it's due, and let's be even-handed. Stop this blind worship of Obama. When he makes mistakes, which he will surely do, and is actually doing now, let's hear the truth. At the moment, he's making a huge blunder with this stimulus's not stimulus unless it's designed to help business create jobs. Instead, he's giving money to people who will not spend it, nor will they create jobs or give a boost to our economy. Obama is pushing for a free hand to the unions, and that will be the kiss of death to the businesses that already have serious problems competing with companies in other parts of the world.

Most solutions now call for realism instead of this left wing indulgence and lofty rhetoric that says nothing. Obama is a mere mortal and his errors need to be addressed. We can no longer trust the media. They are so smitten, they can't see reality.

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