Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I attended the Atlanta Tea Party with the 20,000 other people who made their way to our Capitol. The disconnect between what I saw first hand and what was reported only added to my distrust of the mainstream media. People were there to express their concern about the amount of tax money being spent in the stimulus packages, the earmarks contained therein, and the increased deficit we are leaving to our children and our grandchildren. Families attended. They were polite, orderly and clearly reasonable folks who had serious worries about the direction of our country because of this enormous debt.

What needs to be remembered is the difference between these Americans and the ones who are gathering to advance the Obama agenda. The people at the tea parties took time from their lives, printed up their signs and went to voice their opinion in a civilized manner. There was not one incident of disorder. What needs to be emphasized is that they were not paid, were not given food, and were not bused in by ACORN or Unions. These were people who work and spent their own money to be there. The media demeaned their time and their effort as did many on the left. I thought what makes America great and different is our willingness to allow dissent. Apparently, that uniqueness is about to change. The propaganda media and the Obama supporters is now attempting to quell the voices of opposition. Isn't that an irony coming from the left?


ub said...

Hello from Ireland. What we have is a world built through power, greed opression and dominance not love justice and compassion.

My blog is www.cleveru.blogspot.com

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genetic said...

good summation of the type of people that attended these events. i was out at the one in tampa and all i saw were people who love freedom, not racists and bigots. i was actually very encouraged by the amount of teenagers there as well as the minority representation here in tampa.

i saw a post of yours on politico.com, we're very alike. in case you don't see my response there, i'd love to get your take on my ideas over at republicanremix.com. it's a blogspot website too.

spotted-dick said...

Coming from the left, I would like to know where were all the tea party people during the 1980s.

Was Reagan a prudent financial genius? Or did he rack up the American budget to astronomical proportions. Even before he was elected, his vice-president had pronounced his policies as voodoo economics. He even knew he would have to raise taxes to pay for it, but stupidly denied it.

Did the last 8 years just pass by so quickly that nobody could see the deficit that was being racked up. Did nobody think, oh by the way, medicare, medicaid and social security are going to go through the roof and be a financial burden, for our children and grandchildren.

Did these people that joined the tea parties, end up sleeping in a cave like Rip Van Winkle?

It amazes me it really does. If you really wanted to end any vestiges of left wing philosophy, you would do the following:

a. Close down all public schools. Education is not guaranteed by the constitution, and any idea of comprehensive education is pure socialism.

b. End social security and any federal health care funded program. Yes, that includes medicaid and medicare. People that have reached retirement age, should not need to rely on the Government to bail them out. Too bad, if they have not saved enough. Why should my tax dollars go to help someone, that is so incompetent they cannot even think to plan for retirement. It borders on Communism to believe that the state should help anyone. Show me in the constitution where state apparatus should be used to help people.

Obviously if you reject anything the left stands for, then you will have to reject any role of state or federal Government, in the life of an individual. If not, then I would suggest, you look at both main parties and continue with these tea parties both on a local and national level.

You either support federal funding or you don't. You cannot have it both ways.

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