Wednesday, April 15, 2009


How many of us believe what we see? Get over it. You’re not supposed to believe what you see. You’re supposed to believe what Obama and his coterie of swooners tell you to believe. You saw what you believed was Obama bowing to the King of Saudi Arabia. “That was not a bow,” said Robert Gibbs, Obama’s press secretary. “It was a handshake.” Hey, we can call it the drop handshake. You drop forward from the waist and shake the hand of the person in front of you. Can you shake hands with someone about two inches shorter than you are without dropping your torso forward from your waist to reach their hand? Obviously, Obama can’t do that. And we thought he was so athletic. I guess some of us can’t shake hands without bowing…uh oh…I mean dropping.

When the commentators talk about whether or not Obama bowed, they are missing the point. Our attention should be directed toward the incessant lying by Obama and his Obama cheerleading squad. Aren’t you sick of being lied to? That’s what you’re getting every day in every way from this administration. They have been lying from the beginning of his campaign and now they’re doing it in office while we suffer the consequences. Recall that “he never heard Rev. Jeremiah Wright say the things he said.” The list could go on for at least two pages—a list of the lies told since Obama came on the scene.

You can’t fool all of the people all the time, but it isn’t necessary. A bare majority is all that’s needed.

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