Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Whatever the Republicans say or do, with regard to the Sotomayor nomination is of no real consequence. The Republicans shot themselves in the foot with their blind support for George W. Bush, and now they are out of power, can't do anything to stop the Obama train wreck, whether it's this nomination, excessive spending, jeopardizing our national security or health care.

Republicans need to re-group, get out of the business of mixing church with state, get out of women's wombs and start talking to the American people. There's a lot of money in the ranks of the Republicans and a lot to tell. Don't waste money like this administration is doing. Use money wisely. Buy media outlets and start telling the people the truth about this Obama big government takeover of our corporations,our health care, our financial institutions, etc. Obama is making horrendous mistakes but the people aren't allowed to know about them because the media has been compromised. What poses for a media (except for FOX, Lou Dobbs and talk radio)is nothing more than a bunch of silly people swooning over their cult leader, Obama.

As for asking Sotomayor questions: yes, pin her down on never doing again what she did with the New Haven firemen case. It was pure a racial quota decision, no more, no less. It's un-American and needs to stop.

Right now, Obama is showing that he is a Muslim sympathizer. He's throwing Israel under that bus with all the others he threw there including his white grandmother. He is doing us more harm than Sotomayor would do as one of nine. Let's see the Republicans telling the whole story about Obama. That's what an opposition party totally out of power needs to do. Buy TV and radio stations. Start talking. We need to hear the truth for a change.

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