Tuesday, June 2, 2009


E-mail from a Friend:

Two striking, Obama-friendly articles in today’s edition: (i) inviting Iranian reps to 4th of July celebrations at US embassies around the world, and (ii) taking stronger stand than previous presidents stand against Israel. I don’t know what the numbers were for the last election, but I suspect that Obama took well over 50 percent of the Jewish vote, and I am sure he will do the same next time around. I see stupid people everywhere, they are all around me, but they don’t know they are stupid.

My Response:

My cardiologist friend is convinced that somewhere along the line the younger Jews did not inherit the smart gene. With the kind of cheerleading Obama gets from the media, most Americans are unable to understand the damage he's doing and how dangerous he is to our economy and our national security. I hate to think of what's happening to our country, but as I've said 30 years of academic brainwashing has now come to fruition.

His Response:

Agreed. Our only hope is that when all of these young people end up unemployed, they will think differently. Re Israel, there is no room for error, as any attack on Israel would wipe it out and make any retribution pointless from the perspective of protecting Israel.

My Response:

The only person in this country who could get away with causing Israel's destruction is Obama. It wouldn't be viewed as his fault no matter what he does. And he really couldn't care less. His sympathies and most of his funding comes from Muslims.

His Response:

You know, I think you are right: The guy could not care less and most likely could get away with it. Truly amazing. I fear that we are becoming anesthetized to the craziness/radicalness of the Obama administration because there has been and will be so much of it – it’s almost becoming “normal.”

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