Tuesday, August 10, 2010


The world is in a sorry state, but only Israel stands like a beacon, denying its enemies the chance to destroy it. It is the old story. Collusion and lies abound among the left, and the weak liberals launch relentless campaigns to delegitimatize Israel and Jews. However, the world must remember this: it starts with the Jews (being hunted and maligned) and it ends with them. If this country and the media can’t stand up to be counted, speak for Israel, and for moral justice, and not fall victim to the moral bankruptcy sweeping the world like a virus, then what does America stand for? It is time for us lead the way. Make no mistake, Muslim anti-Semitism is particularly toxic, and spews endless ammunition aimed at the destruction of the West and of Israel. Stop the insanity, the foolishness. Recognize that Muslims are determined to spread their barbaric beliefs and Sharia law all across the West. By allowing Mosques (where indoctrination occurs) to proliferate, we are aiding them in their mission: convert the infidel or kill them. This notion of religious tolerance must go two ways or not at all.

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LuvmesumHeather said...

I take it then, that you are against the "Ground Zero Mosque", which in reality is no where near "ground zero"?

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