Monday, August 23, 2010


OBAMA DARE NOT BE OPEN ABOUT HIS AGENDA. If he were to be honest, you would't like it. But here it is for those of you who haven't read his books, studied his work history or followed what he has been doing since being in office.

* He wants to redistribute the wealth from those who work hard, pay their taxes and who don't depend on government enttilements. He wants to give the wealth he steals to the 47% who pay no taxes and take whatever they can for free.

* He wants to allow as many illegal aliens to enter the country and to give them amnesty in order to get their votes.

* He wants to enlarge government so that we become a socialist state.

* He wants to help the Muslims infiltrate our country in large numbers, and to allow the spread of Islam.

* He wants to eliminate the American ideology from our textbooks, and to elevate the role of minorities in history while diminishing the status of the real founders of our nation.

* He wants to align our country with all those rogue nations that wish to destroy western civiliztion--Venezuela, Cuba, Saudi Arabia, etc.

* He wants to have government decide what medical treatment should be permitted and that will include rationing.

* He wants to level the playing field by giving what he steals from the producers to those who freeload.

* He wants to make sure that minorities are favored in institutions of higher learning by giving them many freebies and financial aid as he can get away with.

* He wants to destroy Israel in keeping with his promise to Egypt's foreign minister that was inadvertently picked up in their private conversation.

* In short, he wants to do what he told you he would do--transform America to the Saul Alinsky neoCommunist state where government takes over as many companies as they can.

* He wants to raise taxes, increase regulations and benefit unions to the detriment of business, who are, after all, the ones who must create the jobs that produce revenue.

* He wants to increase government jobs...they cost us money and produce no revenue.

Those who failed to investigate Obama's background are now covering for themselves by covering for him.

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