Sunday, January 30, 2011


Talk, talk, talk. Obama talks. He has something to say about everything and can’t even wait to learn the facts. He’s everywhere. His face has been on Time Magazine 29 times. Are they crazy? Talk is his stock-in-trade.

Do you remember what he said at Cairo University? Probably not. Well, he did his usual: delivering the message of lofty platitudes about Democracy, and to the audience of people who have had no real democracy in their lives because so many of them are spending their energy finding ways of putting a roof over their heads and food on their tables. He said the Arab/Muslim world can and should have what we have, a place among successful nations of the world. He was into that hopey changey thing again. The Egyptian masses are poor, uneducated, religious fanatics and they live side by side with the educated, middle-class and privileged minority.

Remember Obama’s Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, said “words have consequences.” Hello! Yes they do. And now we can see these consequences—a massive uprising of the masses seeking what he told them they should have. These masses want Obama to speak again on their behalf. Not an unreasonable expectation considering that he went there and told them they deserve all that the privileged have.

Personally, I see Obama as one of the catalysts that inspired their uprising. Oh there you go again—blaming Obama for just giving good mouth and sending tingles up the legs of his fawning fans.

Egypt was a dried out forest. One match could set it ablaze. Inspiring these masses to act was reckless. And Obama should have known that. But he was so busy doing what he likes to do: speechifying before adoring audiences wherever he can find them. When the audience is living under autocratic rule and with a fervor of Islamic extremism growing each day among, what the heck did he expect? He didn’t expect anything but praise for his talk—his teleprompter words. He never does think that far ahead. He shoots his mouth off and then has to deny, retract or pretend what he said was misunderstood. Remember the Cambridge professor, Gates. Or all his talk about civility after he said if the opposition brings knives, he’ll bring guns, and he called the GOP the enemy. Those are just a few examples.

How can we, as a nation, be so darn stupid? Obama ignored the pleas of support from the freedom movement in Iran. And what did they want: some of his precious words to aid them in fighting one of the most despicable and oppressive regimes: Iran. He had nothing to say when that was a time for him to speak. What a jerk!

We are facing a tidal wave of Islamic extremism all over the region. It’s happening in Lebanon, Tunisia, Yemen and now Egypt. That’s what happened when we failed to give the Shah of Iran support. We got Ayatollah Khomeni and now Ahmadinijhad. In Egypt, we’ll probably get the Muslim Brotherhood.

Only a few oil rich states in the region are able to give to their people some comforts of life. In those countries, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, the men, roam around buying trinkets, smoking and drinking sweet tea while their harem remains at home behind gates, bearing the babies and looking seductive in their Victoria’s secret undergarments they wear beneath the burkas.

Will Obama throw Mubarek under the bus? Maybe. He has already scolded him even though he has been a reliable ally for three decades. What happens in Egypt is so very important.

The anointed one and his Madam Secretary are telling the embattled Mubarek to not use force. What exactly should be done to quell the violence, the looting, the destruction? What would we do?

Obama, the word man, has spent us into near bankruptcy, repeatedly ignored the wishes of WE THE PEOPLE, but chastises Mubarek. That’s Chutzbah.

Just think if you were living in Israel, or, for that matter, even in Jordan. They are in for it. Gaza is Hamas. Lebanon is Hezbollah. Both are Iran. And then there’s Yemen. And Tunisia. No friends of our country can count on us as long as Obama sits on his White House throne.

Stability in Egypt is critical to Israel.

When the wave of violence spreads across the entire region, I hope we don’t have to depend on the Obama White House and his talk, talk, and more talk. Obama is another Jimmy Carter. Carter supported the Islamic extremists against the Shah. Now, we have another self-proclaimed Messiah who will probably do the same thing. He did it in Iran with, of all things, silence. We can almost hear the chants: Death to America. Death to Israel. Death to the big Satan and the little Satan.

If Obama has a shred of sense and concern for Israel, he will keep his dumb mouth shut this time and not give encouragement to the uprising. His inexperience is glaring. In 2012, let’s not make the mistake of re-electing him. Let’s find someone with a history of American patriotism and experience.

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