Thursday, February 24, 2011



In the last few generations, labor violence has been a one-way street, more or less sanctioned by most governments.

Organized Labor with the full support of the LEFT has led noisy, disruptive, intimidating, and very often-violent demonstrations without resistance from the other side.

Labor GOONS are very rarely if ever punished for their destruction and abuse.

For generations, organized Labor has had it all their own way; and what they demanded they got. But, NEVER more-so than in the Public Sector, where government salaries in comparison to those in the Private Sector are obscenely out of whack, as are the government workers'EXTREME perks and pensions.

In the Private Sector workers are not GUARANTEED a job for life, as are so many government workers, but, none more-so than teachers who cannot be fired or even laid-off because of TENURE.

YOU PAY THEIR SALARIES! So what do you think?

Do you have a job or business GUARANTEED for LIFE?

Are you earning as much as 30%-50% MORE than the national average for what you do?

Do you have mandated PAID days off and BANKABLE sick days?

Like teachers . . . does a “FULL YEAR’” of your work equal eight and a half months?

Will you retire with MORE pension money than most working families earn in salaries?

HEY, THIS IS A CIVIL WAR IN THE MAKING. We won't take any more inequities shoved down our throats and a President who is nothing more than an inexperienced demagogue who won't shut his mouth except when he should open it and speak against our enemies instead of pandering to them.

Obama is dividing America unlike anything since the Civil War. What we are seeing on the streets of Greece and the Middle East will be playing out on streets where we live.

Because of despicable fiscal and social mismanagement going all the way back to post WWII years to Jimmy Carter, with the only break coming from Ronald Reagan, it is now about to hit the fan. And we are the victims of incompetent leadership foisted upon us by a media that doesn't tell us the truth, that doesn't scrutinize candidates from the left.

We’ve allowed, excuse me . . . We’ve ENCOURAGED politicians to buy our votes with our own money with promises of Something-For-Nothing.

We’ve ENCOURAGED our politicians to allow Organized Labor to abuse the providers of jobs, to the point where the company owners moved-out or simply shut down.

SO YOU TELL ME – With the exception of a handful of products, what can we buy in our countries that are made in the USA?

When we dial most customer service lines, how many ring in North America compared to India?

When I hear Obama and the LEFT talk about creating and saving jobs, it isn’t in the Private Sector. The jobs they are either creating or saving are government jobs, which contribute NOTHING to the economy. They cost us big while they mismanage.

In TRUTH, what these jobs create, are nothing short of additional debt and long-term liabilities.

WE HAVE REACHED THE END OF THE ROAD: There's no more money! Did you get that? No more money!

Because of HORRIFIC government mismanagement, there are no real prospects TO CREATE REAL JOBS IN NORTH AMERICA.

So, as more and more people look for work that isn’t there, who will support and feed them and their families? Who will make their car payments, their mortgage or rent payments and all the other payments normal people have to meet?

As unemployed and underemployed consume less because they simply don’t have the money, and have maxed-out their credit, and governments tax businesses more, how long before the CLOSED SIGNS, or the bankruptcy notices on the shop windows become as prominent as the “GOING OUT OF BUSINESS SALE” signs?

George W Bush BEGGED Congress to develop as much DOMESTIC oil and gas resources as possible – To no avail. And now, when there's no time left, Obama puts a moratorium on drilling in the Gulf and Anwar, excavating natural gas or building nuclear power plants.

The LEFT told Bush that it will take up to TEN YEARS for American oil and gas to come online from new development, SO FORGET ABOUT IT. Well, it’s now MORE than 10 years and America is once again HOSTAGE to OPEC and world events beyond America’s control.

So, when we go to the pumps to fill-up, and the cost is over $4.00 per gallon US and climbing, where are we going to get that extra money to pay for all the other things we need and do, when so much more of our money is going for fuel to travel and heat our homes?

Even some Oil Executives are saying that the energy crunch that is coming our way is going to make the 1970’s Oil Crisis look like a walk in the park.

How are we going to pay for the ever-growing costs of food at grocery stores and at restaurants, if what we are taking home after taxes is less today than yesterday; that is if we are lucky enough to even have a job?

We’ve allowed the government to intrude into our private lives. We never said no to them telling us how to live, what to eat, and how to raise our own children.

We listen to the First Lady (Obama) tell us what we should or should not eat and feed our children because of obesity. And we say nothing in return.

How about telling Queen Obama to mind her own damned business, and ask her if she’s had the chance to take a look at her own ample ass in the mirror before she tells everyone else how to eat? And bear in mind, healthy food costs a lot more and will cost even more with inflation on the horizon.


We no longer want the government spending OUR money to tell us how to live.

The REAL WORKING PEOPLE have had enough. Those who want jobs and can’t get jobs have run out of patience, especially those who can no longer collect unemployment benefits.

The small to medium size company owners are at the end of their road. Not only are they not hiring, they are praying to hold onto what they have.

People with Private Sector Jobs are tapped-out. And after paying their taxes to support a bloated arrogant Public System, there’s literally nothing left for themselves and their families.

How long do you think the PRIVATE SECTOR will continue to watch the OBSCENELY BLOATED Public Sector take to the streets protesting against the people who pay their way?

How long do you think it will take private sector workers to say Screw You? Not long. They will push back.

When we see State Legislators who are beholden to unions run away and hide in neighboring States to avoid doing their jobs, you know you have to defeat them in the next election.

We are not only at war with Jihadists, we are at war with the left who can't get enough, want more hand-outs, more entitlements, more preference, more of our hard-earned money any way they can get it.

Don't be a fool. Vote these leftists out and let's rebuild America for those willing to sacrifice, to work hard, to obey the laws, and to take care of their families without taking from others to do it.

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