Thursday, January 26, 2012


Mitt Romney is our best hope for defeating Obama.

If Newt, the pugnacious cheater continues his harangue at Romney, the GOP will lose this election to the White House Occupier, and our chance to repair this nation is over. Really over.

Do we want a man who cheated on the first wife with a young staffer (who became his 2d wife) and then cheated on her with another young staffer (who became his 3rd wife to be our president?

Finally in his mid sixties, Newt gets religion, asks for forgiveness and all his dirty cheating is forgotten. Add to that: the third wife, the one with whom he cheated is now to become our First Lady? Yuk!

True, the standards for a First Lady are not what they used to be, but the "other woman," being accorded the respect of First Lady. I don't think so.

Then there's Newt's unpredictable behavior, virulent attack mode, and the countless people who know him and don't like him. This scenario just doesn't bode well for defeating Obama, and that has to be the driving force in this next election.

As for the likeability factor, frankly I have never disliked a president more than Obama, even that dismal, sanctimonious failure, Carter. What has happened to us? Why can't people like Romney? He has led an exemplary life. He has been a good husband, father, member of his community, successful....oh yeah, that's it. Successful. Now that is the crime for which he can't be liked.

This class warfare ranting has even taken hold with the GOP. Sad! Now members of the GOP can't like a man because he's rich and earned his money by being a smart businessman. What is that all about? Did the Obama mania of turning people against the achievers take hold? If it did, we are all in big trouble as a nation.

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