Saturday, January 28, 2012


In 2008, when the Democratic presidential primary was in full swing, a virtual unknown, the junior Senator from Illinois was positioned to win, to upset the well-financed, well-organized candidacy of Hillary Clinton. Who is this guy, Barack Hussein Obama? Where did he come from? What is his background? What about his personal history, his politics, his record, his family? And what would he do as president, the most powerful position in the world?

Well, we still don't know the answer to many of those questions, but we do know he turned out to be a huge failure as president. We know he was a Marxist, then a Socialist, a Muslim sympathizer, a hater of Israel, even a hater of the America we know and love, but we only have begun to learn this because of his actions as president. Would he have become president if we had known these things about him before his election? I don't think so.

Astonishingly, none of our journalists, with the exception of Sean Hannity and talk radio, even dared to investigate and let us know who he was. They didn't care. Just look at what they are doing now, full due diligence on the GOP candidates, dissecting ad nauseum in this robust campaign. Why not with Obama? Given Obama's unusual and complex personal background, much of it under seal, it's not too late to do what should have been done when he ran the first time.

STAY TUNED. In the days ahead, I am going to reveal so much about Obama that you need to know. There are several books out that reveal much truth, but Americans are not reading books as much as they are checking out blogs on the Internet. So I am prepared to inform and enlighten about this White House Occupier.

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