Thursday, February 2, 2012


ANN and MITT in their Nevada hotel room

ANN: Mitt, you really have to be careful what you say. You know those Obama media people will jump at anything. And Newt is out to destroy you, even though he knows he can't win. What a nasty man he is.
MITT: Honey, it's just politics. But, I was supposed to be relaxed, not look wooden. Everyone knows what I meant. The poor do have a safety net. The working poor are the ones in big trouble. I have to help them.
ANN: I know that, honey, but really you have to weigh your words. You look tired. Let's go to bed.
MITT: Let's cuddle first.
ANN: Mmmmm.

NEWT and CALLISTA in their hotel room

CALLISTA: That was great, the way you gave a winner's speech in Florida. And that dumb guy Romney, saying that about the poor. We couldn't ask for more. But you know it was out of context.
NEWT: Who cares. The Obama media will do the job for us. They hate rich guys. Those media jerks live from hand to mouth. You can count on them to kill the rich guy if he's a Republican.
CALLISTA: Newtie, you're so smart. I love listening to you.
NEWT: Good, now hush up and go to sleep.
CALLISTA: Darling, I'm wearing that red nighty you love.
NEWT: Yes, it's beautiful. Now go to sleep.
CALLISTA: Who do you think Trump will endorse?
NEWT: Me. I agreed to do that dumb debate for him. He's an egomaniac and Romney screwed up on that one.
CALLISTA: Newtie, you are brilliant. Here's a kiss for being brilliant.
NEWT: Callista, I'm tired. Now just shut up and go to sleep.
CALLISTA: When am I allowed to talk. I stand on those podiums with you and I'm never allowed to say a word, while your daughters get to do all the talking. Why?
NEWT: Snoring away.

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