Thursday, February 2, 2012


SCENE from the bedrooms of Ann and MItt and Newt and Callista immediately after Florida Win for Mitt.

Romney and Ann after the big Florida win:

Ann: Can you believe Newt hasn't called to congratulate you tonight?
Mitt: He didn't call to congratulate me when I won New Hampshire.
Ann: But you congratulated him when he won South Carolina. I'm glad you did.
You would never be as rude as he is.

Newt and Callista after the big Fla. loss
Callista: Aren't you going to call Mitt to congratulate him?
Newt: Mind your own business.
Callista: it will make you look bad.
Newt: I'm not calling that SOB. Just fix your hair.
Callista: When are you giving your speech?
Newt: I'm waiting so that I get to use prime time.

Mitt and Ann
Mitt: Well, I guess Gingrich is not going to call or give his speech.
Ann: What are you going to do?
Mitt: I'm giving the first speech so that I will have the prime time spot.
Ann: Oh good darling. I'm so glad you've finally realized what a slug Newt is. I can't see him as president,
Mitt: Good, because he won't be president. If he were the nominee, Obama would win.
That's why I have to be the nominee.
Ann: You will be. I and all the women love you. But I'm the lucky one who has you, darling.

They kiss and Mitt proceeds to the podium to give a rousing welcome to his supporters and speaks.

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Unknown said...

You are hilarious. Who knew you had a talent for political satire on top of all your other accomplishments. By all means, I'd love to read more. : )

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